Being involved in a vehicular crash can often result in facial injuries that can cause broken or loose teeth. While there are many treatment options available for anyone who suffers a dental injury as the result of a car accident, the best way to avoid finding yourself in this kind of situation is to practice caution while driving, learn defensive driving techniques, and prioritize the safety of yourself and your passengers at all times while behind the wheel. Most of the key principles of automotive safety are based on good common sense, and you should have learned all of them when you were studying to pass the test to get your driver’s license. However, it’s easy to take these things for granted over time. Here are some things to remember while you’re driving that can prevent crashes and the resultant injuries.


  1. Always buckle up


The driver, and every passenger in the car, should wear their seat belts at all times. Both lap and shoulder belts must be worn whenever possible. Every rider needs their own seat belt; sharing seat belts is not effective and not safe. Car seats must be provided for children who require them because of their age or size, and it is extremely important to make sure that car seats are installed correctly before you start driving.


  1. Avoid distractions


Using your cell phone or tablet while driving isn’t just dangerous (and a major cause of accidents), it’s also illegal in most jurisdictions, so don’t take any chances with the lives of yourself, your passengers, and the people sharing the road with you by using electronic devices when you drive. Also make sure that you aren’t distracted by conversation, food, the radio, or anything else that diverts your attention from the road.


  1. Secure loose objects


Loose, heavy objects in the cabin of your vehicle can become dangerous projectiles if you crash, or if the car otherwise comes to a sudden stop. They can go flying and strike people inside the car at extremely high speeds, and can cause severe injuries. Secure anything that could become a deadly projectile under your seat or in the trunk before you take to the road.


  1. Drive defensively


Be vigilant of what the other drivers around you are doing and prepare to have to deal with unexpected circumstances at any moment. Be courteous to other drivers, obey posted speed limits, and don’t become aggressive or reckless, no matter what happens. Always adjust your speed and handling to account for hazardous weather conditions.


Practicing safe and respectful driving habits can go a long way towards preventing the kind of accidents that can land you in the dental surgeon’s chair. There is no way to completely guarantee you won’t get into an injury accident, but there’s a lot you can do to mitigate the risk, so be sure to drive as safe as you can.