Sedation Dentistry Can Eliminate a Person’s Fear of Dental Procedures

Everyone needs to make regular visits to the dentist. Many people don’t have a problem doing this. There are others who experience intense fear and anxiety when facing any type of dental procedure. This has caused some people to avoid scheduling dental appointments. This can have a negative effect on their oral health. There is help for such people. It’s called sedation dentistry. A dentist in Centennial CO explains the procedure as when a patient is given a local anesthesia to help them cope with any fear or anxiety they may be experiencing. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), sedation dentistry has been remarkably successful when treating the anxiety a patient may feel.

Easier To Perform Work
When a dentist tries to perform a dental procedure on a patient who is nervous, the patient will often move around and complain. This makes it difficult for the dentist to do the dental procedure. With sedation dentistry, this doesn’t happen. A dentist is able to do the necessary work easily and without being distracted by a nervous patient’s reaction.

Respond To Dentist
When a dental patient is sedated, they will still be awake. This is essential in case the dentist needs to have input from the patient concerning the procedure. A dentist could ask a patient to open their mouth wider and more. At Butterman Dental PC sedation dentistry simply makes a patient more relaxed and better able to cope with the dental procedure being performed.

Eliminates Fear And Anxiety
With some patients, the fear and anxiety they have when anticipating a visit to the dentist is far worse than any procedure they’ll experience. There are people who will focus on their fear. On the day of their appointment, they will be visibly shaken. With sedation dentistry, once a person is in the dentist’s chair, their fear will be eliminated, and they can relax. When people realize that fear will no longer be part of their dental visit, they’re more likely to keep their regular appointments.

Pain Not An Issue
Many people are afraid of dental procedures because they fear the pain they could experience. This is a rational fear. The biggest benefit to sedation dentistry is that pain will not be experienced. When this happens, the fear of pain will often disappear. A person can remain calm during the dental procedure.

Gag Reflex Control
When a patient is feeling anxious during a dental procedure, it is possible for them to experience anxiety-induced gagging. This is very uncomfortable for the patient and frustrating for the dentist. Sedation dentistry will dramatically decrease the chances of this occurring.

Fewer Visits
When a patient is feeling anxious during a dental procedure, the dentist may feel it is best to complete the procedure with a number of visits. Sedation dentistry enables a dentist to work longer. This means a procedure that may have previously required multiple appointments can now be done during one single visit.

No Painful Memories
One thing many people struggle with is trying to forget previous painful experiences with the dentist. People can hold onto these bad memories for decades. With sedation dentistry, there is no pain and no negative experiences to remember.